Web-based, Biometric Time Management Service

Fingerprint Scanner
  • Biometric login eliminates "buddy punching"
  • Login with fingerprint, password, or require both for two factor authentication
  • Email or SMS notifications
  • Use from any internet-ready device (computer, smartphone or tablet)
  • Clock in right from employee's own workstation (if permissions are enabled)

Admin access from anywhere

Admins can log in and make changes anytime, from anywhere. Manage permissions and view real time statistics, the widget based admin panel provides a quick overview.

BioTime Login
SMS Notifications

Complete notification suite

  • Outgoing SMS or email for many useful notifications
  • Two-way SMS for employees to "ask" Biotime for information such as punch history, weeks hours, vacation used, etc
  • Internal message system so employees can easily message their manager or other employees